*2023 OGUN AFED STATE CONGRESS ANNOUNCEMENT:* Good day ladies and gentlemen. All protocols duly observed. I would like to inform the house of our 2023, STATE CONGRESS Registration payment plan. 1. All members are to pay N10,000.00 BUT 2. Those who already have the State Attire are to pay N8,000.00 (Please start paying now) 3. Chapter Chairmen are urged to coordinate the registration of their members in their various chapters, make payments to the AG Mortgage Bank Account below, send payment evidences as prescribed below and forward the names of those who pay to contact number 08078002829 (Personal and school names of those who paid) 4. If there is any chapter where coordination of Registration payment is difficult or impossible, members can pay directly and follow prescribed guidelines as spelt out in this announcement. In this case, when you send your payment evidence on WhatsApp, please state Your Personal Name, Your School Name and Your Chapter Name. 2. Payment should be remitted into: _Bank_ - AG Mortgage Bank _Account Name_ - Association for Formidable Educational Development (Project) _Account No_ - 0000587000 Prove of payment should be forwarded to the followings: * Congress Committee on 08078002829 * State Financial Secretary on 08137433331 * State Treasurer on 0806 733 9058 * State Controller on 08059568924 PAYMENT NARRATION Please write: State Congress,Your Name,Your Chapter eg. State Congress,Olamide Chucks,Yewa North RECOGNIZED PAYMENT EVIDENCES: - P.O.S. Receipt snapped - Bank Payment Teller Snapped - Bank Application Receipt snapped or screenshot NOT PERMITTED - Debit Alert (this usually causes confusion as many people usually pay at the same time and most debit alerts don't convey enough information to trace the payer) Please ensure you comply to help avoid losses or misplacement of paid registration fees. Thanks for your anticipated full cooperation and support. E-Signed: Matemilola T k Committee chairman.